Ever notice that its a bitch to get hired? Everything must be right to get the position you are applying for. Yet you have to work with some of the dumbiest fuckers to ever grace this planet. How the fuck could this happen? They swollow, that is the only thing I can think of. This must be the case because they are too fucking stupid to have gotten in to the position that they are in with out the ol’ in & out.

2 Responses to “Fucking Moron’s”

    well said!!!

    I mean come on, how the fuck can ppl get a job anywhere except for a ‘Hire the handicap’ program with the mentality of a carrot? Its because they suck cock well. I think when a women see’s her daugter is a looser air head she buys her a cucummber and teachs her how to suck it, because that will be the only thing in life she will be able to do.

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