Well were back from Russia, Oh what a trip and where do I even start? First things first, we have a referral and have accepted a child.

The boy we went to go see first, we refused the referral, when we got the information before the trip, it seems the orphanage did not include a few key medical facts in the information provided to us. Like the fact he had a severe neurological disorder and a severe eye problem, we spoke with two doctors after meeting him, and both agreed that he could be blind at the age of two. It was a hard decision but we turned down this child.

The next day we went back to the orphanage and met our son. He was the second referral, and perfect. Developmentally right where he should be for his age.

Jack which is the name we choose for him is walking with help. He crawls, oh dose he crawl, all over the place and gets in to everything. All goes into his mouth, anything that will fit into his mouth goes into his mouth, toys, hands feet, anything and everything.

He tracks with his eyes first then his head. Roll a ball in front of him, and he’s off chasing it, well let’s face facts, it might be a rolling cookie. He reacts to sounds on both sides and tracks sounds.

He has blond hair and grey eyes; he is 24 inches tall right now and is trying his hardiest to walk without help. Ten fingers and ten toes which Jen counted just to make sure, she is such a worry wart.

He smiles and laughs when tickled. Oh he gets really pissed off when you tickle his feet, because we all know feet belong in the mouth with hands and toys all at the same time.

Our general impression is he is a happy child, smiling and laughing. When his caregivers walk into the room his face lights up and he gets so excited. Jen and I aren’t sure if it because he really likes them or its feeding time.

Well that’s about it on little Jacky boy right now, Jen told me I can’t post pictures of him until the adoption is complete, so at this point why tempt fate, I will hold off until we get him home and flood this site with him.

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