The above title is what i think everytime I go to a users workstation because they have done some really stupid shit to their machine. Users can never tell you what they have don’t because they are ashamed to be so fucking stupid and are worried about being screamed at! If people would just say something to the effect of “Well I installed this thing because I wanta pretty cursers like the bimbo sitting next to me” life would be a lot easyer for everyone involved.

But no this isn’t what a user does, that in it self would show some signs of an IQ greater then 10. Its always “I didn’t do anything” or “I don’t know how it got there” its always a fucking excuse for being dumber then a rock.

Oh wait I love this one “Well I have it installed at home and there is no problem” yea well if a user wants to backdoor their system at home, go for it, but leave that shit at home not in the office.

Some might say “Hey well ya know you can just lock them out from installing any software, and you would have have these problems” So to cut you off, yes I would love to do that but the fucking enterprise software we are using needs the user to have ‘power user’ access to work, I didn’t buy it, nor do I fucking like it, but I was saddled with this shit stuff so I deal with it.

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