This article was posted on slashdot its a decent read, kind of a mix between a term paper and a rant.

The artical Future Trends of Malware has a few high-lights and predictions for the future of malware.

If you really don’t give a rats ass about computer / network security I would suggest you skip this, because it will put 99.8% of the population to sleep quicker then an 8th grade science teacher.

There are some great links within the paper.
Another initiative that should also be mentioned, is the Common Malware Enumeration whose aim is to minimize the confusion of malware cross reference names during public outbreaks. The guys from, have also taken the time and effort to compile a list of cross-reference malware names, a clear indication of the need for such a project. But how useful is the idea actually? It has been recently criticized for not linking to anti virus vendor site’s technical descriptions of the related malware, an issue that they have already resolved

All in all details and an interesting read, for the geek, but as with most things from a geek point of view it is very poorly writen and lots of run ons.

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