I’m starting to think the governments of the world are all connected to the lumber and paper mills. I don’t know if it’s just me or anyone else out there has this experience that whenever you provide a huge amount very hard to get paper to any government agency, domestic or abroad there always seems to be one piece of paper that everyone has overlooked.

That’s correct all paperwork has been submitted and approved, all the checks have been cashed, but we are told there is a new requirement that has been put into place at the last minute, oh yes my friends! A new requirement that was not publicly announced before it went into effect.

A requirement that we have all ready completed, but it’s not on the correct government agency letterhead! That’s correct, it’s done, completed, paid for but it’s not on the correct letterhead.

No this is not a joke, it is for real. So we need to spend the next several weeks (10 weeks normally but my wife thinks the government agency will rush it, yes funny I know.) so everything is in order, but one piece of paper on the wrong letterhead.

This lone document will cost us, about 8-10 hours of my wife’s time, about $200.00 cash, and about 150 miles travel to get it to Moscow.

My opinion is that if Wal-Mart went into the baby selling business which is really what adoption is; if it wasn’t why does it cost so damn much money. Each child would have an RFID tag stuck to it forehead and you would be able to buy discount lawn furniture while picking up your child all in the same afternoon.

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