Okay I officially hate ‘ifolder’ I have been trying to install it on Fedora 5, with no luck. The ifolder crew has a work around on their site to install on Fedora 5 but it doesn’t work!

Having a problem with Apache 2.2, Fedora 5, and mod-mono, these pieces of software don’t play well together yet. It seems there is an issue with mod-mono, having to download and compile and Apache 2.2 changing the directory locations of the default install. I have read the maintainers blog he suggests downloading the core files and compiling them. No go. It didn’t work.

Oh well I guess I’ll wait a few months until the RPM comes out, so the dependency’s aren’t such a bitch to get and install.

If any one has any suggestions or knows if a walkthru for this please let me know.

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