Well I finally got the ifolder software working under SUSE 10.0, I just needed to wait out the releases. Some advice for using it to sync directories:

  1. When using it to sync the “My Documents” directories with more then one windows machine (say a laptop and desktop) move all the documents and such to one machine if you can, create an ifolder from that machine to the server.

1a. Rename the other machines “My Documents” folder to something else “!My Documents” then create the ifolder from the server to the machine and let it sync up.

  1. ifolder will work fine if you are only syncing one machine to the same directory at a time, don’t try to sync your laptop and desktop to “My Documents” at the same time, it will corrupt the database.

So far the testing with the ifolder server has been working out well it has already saved my butt. I had a controller failure on my workstation. I had a few directories that I synced up with the server. I just have to test the apples with the ifolder, and then it looks like I will set up a production machine with a huge data store if everything pans out correctly.

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