We have had Jack for a few months now and everything is going well with him, he is very well adjusted and attached to Jen.

He is running around the house, yes I said running, not crawling very fast, running his little legs off.

We let 2 of our 5 dogs around him right now; the two pugs are great with him, Piggy and Porkchop. We at one time considered PC our dog, not anymore she belongs to Jack, I’m not really sure how or when that happened but it did. She loves that little guy, and puts up with all sorts of tormenting from Jack that would get anyone bitten.

He tries to straighten her tail for those that know pugs have a curly tail and her tail happens to have two curls in it. She just cries and licks him till he stops or mommy picks him up which ever comes first.

Piggy doesn’t really like to play with him she is just overly protective of him, if any of the other dogs or for that matter a stranger gets close to him she is right their putting herself between the offending party.

Okay that’s just a quick update of what is going on in our little part of the world.

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