It’s been about 2 months sense I have updated my blog. There hasn’t been too much new around here. Jack is talking up a storm now; his vocabulary is increasing daily as he learns to say letters and syllables.

It’s his first Christmas with us and I know my wife and mother-in-law have gone insane with Christmas gifts for the little guy; my only question is where are we going to put all the stuff we are buying? Our house isn’t small but it’s not very large either. I’m trying to convince my wife that with all the new things that Jack will have that we should start throwing out all of the old stuff, that’s not going over very well.

I think Jen has the idea that we are going to try to adopt another kid and we will need all this for the new one. This we are still tossing around. The idea of adopting twin girls came up. If you see me outside, mowing the lawn, getting into my car or anything, shoot me, Just kill me with a hail of bullets.

Okay that’s about it for right now.

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