Okay I have heard a lot of stupid things users have done to computers in my 15 years in IT but this one takes the cake, It actually had be dumbfounded and all I could say was “Wow!”

My systems administrator went to one of our remote locations in NC, configured and installed an OS X server for a small art department. He gave the woman there who had been taking care of the server  VNC administrator access to the server to do minor things like add users, grant permissions etc. Well about a week after the install my admin gets a call that nothing is working; all the data shares are gone.

He attempts to log in remotely to the server and is denied root access to the box. He calls down to the woman in NC to see what is going on because the server is still online but refusing connection, it seems that she changed the randomly generated 10 character password to 123.

He logs in to the server via VNC through our VPN, uses the password 123 gets root access to the box, and all the shares that were configured are now gone, as with the permissions to the shares. He corrects everything that is done to the server, and brings it back to the exact same condition that he configured the box to the week before.

When he called the woman in our NC office and questioned her about it, her response was just mind blowing.

It seems that she wanted to connect an external drive to the server to move data around, and the default share names on the server were “CLOSE” to the name of the external hard disk drive so she renamed the server shares to the computer wouldn’t become “CONFUSED” because the names were similar.

All I can say is “Wow!”

3 Responses to “Wow!”

    So who was this “brilliant” beign? I could think of a few…

    Well, all I have to say is, that that woman should not be allowed access to a server again, I am sorry, but naming something the same name as another computer component does not help it recognize another component( peripheral ). Even I know that and my schooling didn’t touch base so much on networking. That just amazes me and personally i think she needs to at least take a networking basics class.

    Well you wouldn’t want to confuse the server now would you? Yea its all about natural selection… She should have been eaten by a tiger as a child.

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