Hi everyone,

I was just looking at my throw away account that I use if I just need to put an email address on a web form or need to give out my email address on the web for some reason.

With all the Viagra, enlarge your member, safe way to increase your manhood, spam that I get on this account , you would think that if just one of these penis enlargement advertisements actually worked women all over the world would be screaming in just out right pain all of the time.

Come on let’s face it if any man found a drug or device to increase his male prowess and enlarge his size he would so over do it, and we would all be wearing our penis as a belt or be able to compete in a three legged race by ourselves . Because we as men are idiots, and would do something that stupid to ourselves.

So come on spammers give us people with half a mind a break and stop trying to hock your snake oil to the stupid. Stupid people stop buying this crap and the spammers will stop. It doesn’t work.


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