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Now this one might just sound picky on my part but give me some slack on it, here is a trouble ticket from a new staff artist, who *needed* a new monitor because the 19” calibrated LCD on his desk was too small for such a talented person. He needed a 22” wide screen.

it is not correctly set, image too wide and bright,… all the circle became oval. Help…..

I know some of you might call me picky on this but a professional graphic artist should know about screen resolution, and dimensions as it pertains to his or her profession. He wasn’t aware of the simple fact that a different size screen with completely different physical dimensions should have the default resolution changed, and the brightness calibrated.

This is how this person makes a living! It would be like me asking what RAM was and why it was needed in a computer. You can’t make this stuff up.


2 Responses to “You can’t make this up!”

    Your not being picky, your just smarter then the graphic artist who should have known better, maybe a refresher course on how to use peripherals might help or hell have some common sense knocked into him cuz apparently he doesn’t have any.

    I agree with knocking some common sense into him… Where is that bat?

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