I get a trouble ticket from one of the users the other day, she stated in the ticket that there is an error flashing on her screen, well this is new, she is using a macbook pro, her major application is email and chat clients (don’t ask) so I figure I will take this one rather than someone else just because I’m curious as what ‘error’ is flashing on the screen I’ve had my macbook for about a year and I have NEVER seen an error.

Well I get up to her ‘office’ (don’t ask) and she says “Look there it is again, I need someone to fix it, its broke again!” the last FIVE times it was broken was a combination of showing her where the power button was to turn it on and to plug in the network cable, because god knows she isn’t smart enough to actually connect to the wireless network, “cause ya know it’s difficult to type in a 10 digit pass code, I should make it easy for everyone to connect to the interweb and get rid of the network password”

Well the error on the screen was:


Of course she states that her computer is always broken and she needs a new one, I tell her is a very technical solution to this problem, plug it in. She actually stated that she has never plugged the laptop in, over the past 3 months she has worked at the company. What does she actually do here? Natural selection would have had her eaten by a lion very early in life as she would have tried to pet the pretty kitty.

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