We got our first referral Friday morning 19AUG05 for a little boy in Kemerovo that is located in southern Siberia, Russia. He is healthy, alert, and very cute. He actually has my wife’s nose, which is kind of weird.

After I got home from work we opened the information package from the adoption agency, and took our first look at him and his one page medical history. It took a few minutes after looking at everything to decide yes we want to accept this referral. We tried to call our case worker at the adoption agency; she was in a meeting for the rest of the day. So first thing Monday morning Jen will call the case worker and accept the referral.

Just out of curiosity we looked up a flight to Kemerovo on its $6000+ per person round trip and we have to make two flights each there $24000. OUCH! Okay we got a much better price from $3200 per person round trip. Just goes to show you get raked over the coals when doing something noble like adoption.

Our adoption agency gets special pricing on flights to Russia, so we have to wait and see what pricing we get from them. We also need to know what our next step in this process is.

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