Well finally after all the fuss and muss, the paper work to make our first trip is done. It has been notarized, sorted, state certified. What a nightmare process to do this. Well I can’t really take any of the credit, my wife did 99.9% of the work running around to different people, getting signatures, sorting and generally being on the ball. Me on the other hand, I signed a few pieces of paper, that was the extent of my effort.

The difficulty from my end is the 1.5 to 2 hours I have to drive each way to work and back. That drive every day my friends will drain the life and energy out of a person. Well that and dealing with the whiny, shit kicking, ass kissing co-workers (I feel like a baby sitter most days) is sapping the life right out of me.

Yes, your friend, your buddy Kush is getting beat up. It is my sincere hope that everything works out and when we take out son home from Russia I think to myself “Ya know, the past two years were worth the grief, misery and sorrow” Yea friends that’s what I hope I will be thinking.

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